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Tuesday 26th 2015 May 2015   

Fake Rolex Watches The Daily Care Little Common Sense

Mechanical Fake Watches Daily Use Common Sense.

  1. The length of the service life of the fake rolex watches and the wearer can correct maintenance watches have close relations, such as wearing fake watches shower, watches appearance is dirty, uncomfortable strap length, watch the bad environment, etc., are also damaged watches, speeds up the watch the use of degrees. High-grade watches every two to three years should be tested for the protection of the corresponding nursing, waterproof replacing some components, testing lucky performance and power consumption of the movement, and cleaning machine, appearance and maintenance, etc., so the protection and maintenance of beneficial to lengthen the life of the watch.

  2. Fake rolex watches waterproof mainly depend on the table mirror, back cover, the top of the waterproof aprons and achieve the goal of waterproof. All the WATER meter are on the bottom cover has "WATER RESISTANT" or "WATER PROOF" in English. Those who were not waterproof tag watches can only dustproof, should avoid touching water. 30 metres (3 ATM, namely 3 large atmospheric pressure) water meter, can be used to comb my hair wash a face at ordinary times or in the rain, the water splashed in appearance, not only into the interior of the watch. 50 meters water-resistant can be suitable for use in diving and ordinary family affairs, water-resistant 100 meters can be used to swim and dive underwater activities.

  3. No matter what water-resistant are not suitable for wearing in hot bath, sauna fake rolex for sale or where very large variations in temperature. Because waterproof aprons are influenced by temperature rise will show heat bilges cold shrink hole and accelerated aging so moved into the water and revealed in the table water sludge, serious destruction will make the part.

  4. The waterproof aprons aging will influence on the performance of the watch is waterproof, so fake rolex waterproof aprons and head (including waterproof circle) regularly check the maintenance, best to replace them with damage. Quartz watch in often change of dry cell must be waterproof components at the same time, in order to ensure waterproof reach another hot you satisfied with the performance.

  5. The most common state of mechanical rolex fake watches repairs, or the water is often broken. Mechanical watch if there is no marked have waterproof function, must prevent the case into the water, since water can lead to mechanical corrosion, strong destructive power. Seawater corrosion resistance stronger. Even indicate the water meter, waterproof can only have one year guarantee, because the table waterproof circle through the consumption of 1 year of losses, plus sweat, dust and other internal factors of inevitability, will become aging, so one year after this be sure to change the new waterproof laps, or that do not have waterproof function.

 6. (1) Wear a fake rolex watches, wrist out of the sweat has corrosive to the case, all steel watchcase because be nickel titanium alloy, corrosion resistance is very strong, but half steel watchcase is copper, a long time to contact with sweat, easy to corrosion, often with a soft cloth to wipe sweat or plastic table mat molecular compounds and to avoid its being sweat denudation.

    (2) Don't do open the back cover, so that the dust into the machine affect the normal performance of a watch.

    (3) Don't put a watch on naphthalene wardrobe inside, so to form oil deterioration.

    (4) Don't put the watch on the radio, television, radio, prevent magnetized.